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Thank you for visiting my site. Trust that I can make a difference.  As a designer for the San Francisco Media Co., A Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design at California State University, Sacramento and a freelance artist with a wealth of knowledge as a New Music Connoisseur, team MrEricPratt.com is a trusted, talented turn for your graphic needs.  Tuned into my passion for music and art, my designs focus on typography driven brand identification through transforming optical appreciation tuned to target my clients goals.  

Tap into the tool shed at MrEricPratt.com to further your brand identity, produce promotional posters, turn out top quality print collateral and produce and package various forms of tuned in, turned on graphic expressionism. Team up with us today for the most head turning, eye popping, teeth tattering takes on graphic design, taking you to wherever you want to go. 

Contact us at mrericpratt@gmail.com today.